Commercial photography

 If you care about the image you project to your clients then good quality photography is an investment. I can help you share your brand and advertise your business through delivering hardworking, creative images for marketing publications and website use. 

Whether a large company or an individual, I will work closely with you to ensure I understand your requirements and deliver impact images that meet your needs. The resulting photos will come through us working collaboratively.

Explore the menu above to view specialist portfolios and recent shoots including portraits, racing cars, education and architecture on location in Exeter, Birmingham, London and Vienna.

Most of my commercial photography falls into the following headings:


  • Mobile studio photography

    • Crisp imagery

    • ​in your home, your office or any location of your choice

    • product marketing and advertising​

  • Corporate and PR

    • on cue, targeted imagery for advertising purposes and marketing publications

    • ​creative and personalised images when stock photos will just not do​

    • ​documenting corporate events​

  • Personal headshots and corporate portraits

    • at your place of work, in your own time - to minimise disruption ​​

    • ​formal headshots ​or more natural looking images of people at work​​

  • School prospectus photographs

    • I know schools inside out having worked 20 years in secondary education​. Blending into classrooms and relating to pupils is second nature to me. I will get you exactly the photos you want: children at work, interacting with teachers as well as school events and its community

    • school productions and assemblies

  • Architectural and property marketing photography

    • professional imagery of the built environment

    • ​property marketing