What I do best

Freelance creative photography

I work fast. My approach is informal and friendly. I create intensity by focusing on the dynamics between the subject and its surroundings. This makes an image stand out. I pay a lot of attention to composition and I use natural light as much as I can, but also flash fill photography for that extra intensity.

Photography is an intrinsic part of my life and my documentary-style approach stems from shooting street and news photography in Paris, London and the West Indies in the 1990s. From using Leica and Pentax cameras, developing film in darkrooms to using moderns DSLRs, the essence of good photography is using light and seeing the image in the mind - before capturing it.

A good image is one that has depth and resonates

People are comfortable because they are mostly not aware that they are being photographed. I blend in. As a result you will get photos that capture genuine, real-life moments, be they candid, relaxed, fun and sometimes unusual because people do not have time to “compose” themselves.

I edit the high-resolution images in Photoshop but I do not "rescue" images. My standards are very high. The photos you get are images I would keep myself and are suitable for professional media, be they website ready, framed prints on archival C type paper, acrylic/dibond backed or even fine art light boxes.  You will get crisp, clean images - sincere, intrinsically simple but powerful photos - stripped of any artificiality. 

My journey

I grew up in France, spent years travelling, working in education and business. To date I have taught in the South West for 23 years - 15 years in management. I am married with two children. My son plays rugby and my daughter is very creative, constantly "making" things. My wife Clare is a mixed-media artist and Head of Art in an independent school. We live in rural Devon with our cat Piper.